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1,019 km

1h 45m


Abu Dhabi

2,444 km

3h 30m



2,185 km

3h 10m



2,135 km

3h 5m



2,488 km

3h 35m



2,111 km

3h 0m

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  • Initiate the search: Click the search button to initiate the flight search process specifically for flights from Peshawar.
  • Compare flight options: will display a comprehensive list of available flights from Peshawar to your chosen destination. Take advantage of the platform's intuitive interface to compare various airlines, prices, and schedules. Consider factors like layovers and flight durations to find the optimal combination of affordability and convenience.
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How to book a flight from Peshawar through   
Answer: Easily book your flight from Peshawar on by providing your travel details, selecting a flight, and completing the payment process.

Popular domestic destinations from Peshawar?   
Answer: Fly to popular domestic destinations like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, and more from Peshawar with

Any special discounts or deals for flights from Peshawar?   
Answer: Enjoy special discounts and deals on flights from Peshawar by checking our website or subscribing to our newsletter.

Can I manage my flight bookings online through   
Answer: Yes, manage your flight bookings easily online with Make changes to your itinerary or contact our 24/7 customer support for assistance.

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